Hoi An Street Vegan Food Tour

Did you know that in Vietnamese, when you want to tell locals ’ I am a vegetarian ’. You can say ‘ Tôi ăn CHAY ’. CHAY literally means ‘No Meat’

Departure & Return:
– Location: Hoi An old town
– Depart Details: 8:30am or 4pm
– Return Details: 11:30am or 7pm .Returns to original departure point or drop off point of your choice
Hotel Pickup: Pick up will be at the hotel lobby
Cancellation: Cancellation at least 24 hours ahead before the date of activity booked to receive full refund.

About the Hoi An

Hello, lovely Hoi An! If you enjoy picturesque streets, air scented with spices and incense, riverfront life with lanterns, and a healthy dose of tradition and culture, this is the spot for you. Sure, it’s touristic, and the old town is mostly packed with stores selling fridge magnets, windchimes, coconut shell bowls, and coffee, but it still has a lot of character. There’s a lively market (best viewed in the morning) where local life goes on despite visitors snapping photos of the ladies sitting in the middle of mounds of green herbs and fresh vegetables wearing their distinctive nón lá conical hats. And, as tourism has grown, so has the number of smart bars serving craft beer and sophisticated cocktails.

Today, there are many young people who enjoy eating organic foods and caring about animals, thus the demand for vegetarian cuisine is progressively growing around the world, including Vietnamese. If you are not a Buddhist, this may give you the impression that in Mahayana Buddhist nations such as Vietnam and China, there are days in the month when all Buddhists remain vegetarian and refuse all types of animal products. This helps you avoid producing samsaric karma and also adds to the body’s recuperation after ingesting animal flesh for several days. Vegetarianism has long been a tradition of the residents of Hoi An, a town with a strong religious heritage.

What makes this tour unique is that we blend many different cuisines in various locations to provide you with a genuinely unforgettable experience while listening to stories from the welcoming people of Hoi An

Another aspect contributing to the popularity of this tour is that Hoi An boasts a plethora of delicious meals ideal for both local and foreign travelers, such as banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), hot pot, spring rolls, and banh beo… The sweet sweets typical in Hoi An will be one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences with a local guide.

You love animals, you want to preserve the environment, or you just want to be a vegetarian because you enjoy it; all for the same reason, you will undoubtedly have moments of rediscovery with your soul and purity mental health to live a happy life physically and intellectually.

You will surely have a great experience with us on this journey around Central of Vietnam. Do not hesitate to book a tour as soon as possible. Thank you so much! ”


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