Hoi an memory show-the most beautiful outdoor show in Viet Nam

Did you know, if the Japanese Covered Bridge is Hoi An’s icon, the Hoi An Memories Show is an outdoor art performance highlighting Hoi An’s history, culture and identity, the spirit of the cultural heritage. It is truly one-of-a-kind

The first and largest outdoor concert in Vietnam provides an outstanding “visual feast” for the audience, with a massive stage set against a backdrop of classic architectural works in Hoi An – the middle island. The stage is 25,000m2 broad and approximately 1km long, featuring a world-class outdoor sound and light system. Guinness Vietnam has acknowledged the true scene display.

Hoi An Memories is the first entertainment program in Vietnam to be certified by Guinness as a performance show, with over 1,000,000 viewers thus far. Daily art has the most actors and the longest record of outdoor stage performances.

Furthermore, on March 14, 2019, the Hoi An Memories Show debuted at Times Square, New York’s iconic landmark.

The program completely recreates Hoi An’s and Vietnam’s history and culture.

Using Vietnamese traditional Ao dai as the main language and modern stage production techniques, Hoi An Memoirs transports audiences to Hoi An in the 16th and 17th centuries to see. Witness the ups and downs of Hoi An’s 400-year history as a cultural crossroads and a link between Vietnam and the famed maritime Silk Road.

The content is separated into 5 performances over the course of 70 minutes, with the narrator being a weaving girl who leads spectators through historical occasions and love stories related with the country of Quang Nam for more than four centuries.

Unlike other parks, Hoi An Impression Theme Cultural Park is regarded as a vibrant, stunning, and appealing presentation of actual pictures that binds tourists and makes them unable to leave. If the Old Town is too known to local and foreign tourists, Hoi An Impression Park will be a completely new destination in this ancient area.

Coming here, in addition to being immersed in the unique creative feelings at Hoi An Memories Show, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the glittering Old Town on the beautiful Hoai River, setting foot in a multi-village town from the 17th century…

You are not just absorbed in the majesty and brilliance of the huge performance. You may arrive two hours early to see the little plays that take place during the afternoon before the concert, which include hundreds of performers. This ensures that your stay in Hoi An is precious and unforgettable. Each mini shows often last around 10 minutes before moving to another location under the supervision of on-site guide. When night falls, it’s time to discover the food and soak in the traditional ambiance of Hoi An’s folklore. Then sit back and enjoy this one-of-a-kind entertainment.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel and transport you to Hoi An Impression Theme Cutural Park at 5.pm, where you will then see the park and engage in cultural events such as modern dancing, traditional dance, witness the story of Vietnamese folklore and Hoi An, and so on.
The tour guide will then take you to eat a light meal and prepare for the major show at the big theater near to the Hoai River.

After seeing the program. You will cross the gorgeous moon-shaped bridge to take photographs and enjoy the freshness of the Hoai River before securely boarding the car back to the hotel.

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