Hoi An bicycle tour to beautiful countryside

Did you know that cycling in Hoi An, along with visiting the ancient town, is one of the two most popular activities?

Departure & Return:
– Location: Hoi An countrysides
– Depart Details: 8:00am
– Return Details: 12:00pm .Returns to original departure point or drop off point of your choice
Hotel Pickup: Pick up will be at the hotel lobby
Cancellation: Cancellation at least 24 hours ahead before the date of activity booked to receive full refund.

About Hoi an countryside

Hoi An is home to more than a few hundred years of history, as well as shops that are always crowded with tourists. Aside from the hustle and bustle, Hoi An is an excellent place for visitors to learn about the daily lives of honest and simple locals. We created a bicycle tour to give visitors a new perspective on the peaceful and beautiful Hoi An.

Itinerary of the tour

The tour will begin when guests are picked up from their hotel. Before embarking on the bike ride. You will have enough time to become acquainted with the bike in order to make the tour safer and more convenient.

The first place to go is Tra Que vegetable village, which is about 3 kilometers northeast of the old town. With vegetable farming and ecological experiences, this is known as Hoi An’s greenest village. Tra Que has a more than 300-year history and is still a traditional village of clean green vegetables. Farmers use river algae as a substitute for chemical fertilizers, which is a unique feature. As a result, the vegetables will be completely natural and clean.

Visitors will enjoy the activities available here. The tour guide will introduce you to each type of vegetable and how to care for each type, after that, you will have the opportunity to work as a vegetable farmer under the supervision of locals. They will then sit with them and talk about their daily lives.

Following that, we will cycle through very beautiful roads with little traffic, passing through straight fields and extremely fragrant lotus ponds that will make you feel more at ease. Then we’ll relax and drink coffee in a very rustic cafe, savoring the flavor of Vietnamese coffee.

Next, we’ll visit a famous rice farming village in Hoi An, where you’ll be able to ride a buffalo and see how farmers grow rice. Extremely interesting, and you learned a lot about people’s lives.

Following that, we will travel to Cam Thanh fishing village to participate in the basket boat tour and directly see the nipa forests, which not only provide a sense of freshness but also allow us to experience the life of the locals here. You will undoubtedly have happy moments during your visit to Hoi An, and to Vietnam in general

After that, we will have lunch at lovely local house that you will definitely love it and enjoy food massage

The tour will then conclude with a return cycle to your hotel safely.

Note: Please contact us via Whatsapp for more information if you want more info.

You will surely have a great experience with us on this journey around Central of Vietnam. Do not hesitate to book a tour as soon as possible. Thank you so much! ”


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