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We would like to offer excellent services in variety kind of tours and transfers throughout Vietnam to all tourists from around the world. We respect and gratefully accept your choice of Billy Vietnam Travel. We give ourself a try to provide the best tours possible, sharing as much of our culture and traditional customs as we have for your convenience.


Our goal is to train more people and bring more good to the community. That is why our goal is so specific:

- Allowing young people who are enthusiastic about tourism to work directly with tourists and train them to be polite and professional tour guides.

- We will donate 2% of our earnings from each tour to people in need, poor children who cannot afford to attend school, nursing homes, and orphanages.

- If you are participating in the same way, please contact us with small but meaningful gifts for everyone.

For a just society and plenty of love


About me & Billy Private Vietnam Tour

My name is Billy, and I was born in the old city of Hoi An, which is today well-known for tourists, following the Vietnam War. I received my bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Da Nang University of Technology. I had to study hard and always burnt the midnight oil in high school to get into it. I lived in this city for five years. So I enjoy going out with my friends whenever we have no classes at university, and it is because of this that I adore and know this city better than anyone else. When I was discussing tourism sights in Danang with a buddy, he unexpectedly proposed to Billy, 'you could be a tour guide, I can see it in your eyes’

Furthermore, because I enjoy traveling, I attempted to learn English in order to become a tour guide. I've been doing this job for eight years, and happily, my overseas colleagues enjoy me. Being born in Hoi An's old town has given me a thorough awareness of the local culture and history. I am a pleasant individual who is well-versed in history. I wish to disseminate positive messages about the people of my home nation. The suffering and loss endured by the Vietnamese people in general, and the inhabitants of Hoi An in particular. There you can obtain a better picture of my nation. Being a tour guide has inspired me to learn and grow with my passion of tourism.

I believe that becoming a person who delivers the messages of a beautiful and welcoming country like Vietnam will give everyone who has visited and want to visit this country a different emotion and mission. Every day, I and our team will work hard to make your journey to Vietnam, no matter how short or long, a memorable one. There are also occasions where guests are dissatisfied due to unsatisfactory items upon their arrival in Vietnam, but this is a very common occurrence in all regions of the world. I aim to be able to assist tourists from all around the world. Every day, you are our inspiration. Are you prepared? Let's get started!!! 1 2 3

About Vietnam Travel tour

For single travelers, couples, and groups of friends or coworkers, we specialize in completely escorted, special, and intimate encounters with first-class accommodations & levels of customer attention. Our laid-back family-focused itineraries are perfect for families of all sizes.

Private vietnam tours


I offer premium private Vietnam trips with my team that focus on our lovely hometowns of Da Nang and Hoi An, the Imperial City of Hue, My Son Sanctuary, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Cu chi tunnels, Mekong Delta, Hanoi city, Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh, Da Lat, and Nha Trang.

Our country has a plethora of interesting destinations, ranging from historical monuments and lively city life to sandy beaches, jungles, and breathtaking mountains. Vietnam is a wonderful trip for anyone seeking important cultural experiences, rich history, spectacular natural beauty, golden rice terraces, intriguing caverns, white sandy beaches, and fantastic local cuisine.

Private Budget Tours


If you are thinking 3Night 2Day or 4N3D or 5N4D or planning a visit with extended family or large groups, our 3-selection Private Tour Package is excellent. 'Meet & Greet' at Da Nang International Airport, hotel transfers, my Private Tours designed with your input, free & easy time, authentic Vietnamese lunch, restaurant and shopping recommendations, your own bilingual guide and professional driver/air-conditioned vehicle, and much more can be included in your package.

From start to finish, this is a personalized and smooth service. Depending on your budget, I may gladly recommend or include your hotel option.


Vietnam Shore Excursions


Our cruise ship guests to the ports of Saigon and Da Nang are not forgotten. Check out my Private Shore Excursion page for 11 daytime excursions tailored to your specific needs. Da Nang ports are easily accessible to Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, and My Son Sanctuary. The ports of Saigon are easily accessible from Saigon (HCMC), the Mekong Delta, and our southern seashore city of Vung Tau.

Couples, families, and small groups of friends are welcome for a truly private experience, and bigger groups created on Cruise Critic's 'Roll Call' Forums can be accommodated with prior coordination.

Group day tours (in Da Nang and Hoi An only)


We have carefully crafted group trips for smaller groups or those searching for a more social tour experience. Our group tours are one-of-a-kind because you can join us on the back of a traditional Vietnamese scooter or on a walking tour through Hoi An's old streets.

We are a family-owned firm that takes pride in offering group excursions that are unlike anything offered by huge travel agencies. For example, our Hoi An Food and Culture half-day walking trip immerses you in ordinary Vietnamese life, allowing you to engage with locals. You will witness locals cooking fresh cao lu noodles from scratch when you travel with us, explore the vegetable gardens of Vietnamese people who still raise their food in traditional methods and gain insight into daily life in Vietnam!


Family Tours With Kids


We also created a special program for families traveling with young children, with the goal of providing the family with the most comfortable experience possible while exploring the beautiful country of Vietnam. Each child will have the opportunity to interact with more locals and participate in more activities to raise awareness and gain practical experience.

Furthermore, seeing their children learn more about culture and nature allows parents to have more fun with their children and have more free time.

We can take you through the sensual sights and sounds of our markets and the food tastes that Vietnam is famous for; whether it's a few hours strolling in ancient Hoi An, imperial Hue, unforgettable Saigon, cosmopolitan Da Nang; a bicycle trip through country areas interacting with locals, a visit to Sun World Ba Na Hill Resort or a unique shopping experience - we can take you through the sensual sights and sounds of our markets and the food tastes that Vietnam is famous for

“On this trip, we had a great time immersing ourselves in the lifestyle and culture of the Vietnamese people. Billy was my tour guide, and he had a strong desire to provide information while also interacting with the individuals we met and as a visitor himself. If you want a truly unique and authentic experience, this is the place to go!” – Guest review Stephen

“When I stated that I had no cycling experience, Billy was really helpful and patient. He made a point of slowing down and checking on me and my boyfriend, which made us feel comfortable, especially given the traffic in Vietnam. He was extremely educated and patiently addressed all of our questions. We went on a private trip with Billy, and it wasn't rushed at all; he constantly asks when we're ready to continue or if we want to take a break from riding because it's summer in Vietnam. If you want to learn about Hoi An from the inside, I highly recommend arranging a tour with Billy.” – Guest review Melinda

Please take a look at my excursions. The links will take you to wonderful illustrated guides of your stay with us, but nothing is fixed in stone - everything is adjustable and centered on you.

With my staff, I want you to experience the best of what our incredible country has to offer, so please let me know if you have any special requests or interests, and I will do my best to accommodate them.

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